Turning Data into Marketing Gold

Overcoming Obstacles to Create Winning Strategies for Data-Driven Success

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As we leverage data and technology in more ways than ever before, how do we ensure we use it the right way?

As marketers, data is a goldmine. Real-time insights into customer preferences, tastes, behaviours and habits allow us to run more effective marketing campaigns, as well as provide a critical tool for measuring impact and demonstrating ROI.  

To shed light on the impact technology and data have had on the role of the marketer and what they need to anticipate for the future, we surveyed marketing directors in the UK and Germany. 

Download this report to learn: 

  • Key insights on how marketers are currently using data
  • The biggest barriers to becoming more data-driven
  • Implications for marketers: how can we overcome these obstacles to get the most out of data?

To learn more about how to overcome obstacles and create winning strategies for data-driven success, get in touch with our team at DataDetectives@allisonpr.com.


Turning data into marketing gold_cover
Confidence in Data

Confidence in Data

Marketers today may say they're confident in how they're using data, but they're only scratching the surface.

The Biggest Barriers

The Biggest Barriers

The biggest barriers to becoming more data-driven are silos, cost and in-house talent to use the tools and data.
Implication for marketers

Implications for Marketers

From goals and strategies to using AI and breaking down silos, we share best practices on how to turn data into marketing gold.